Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mismatched socks

I swear, I've knit the same pair of socks about 3 times...

Basic stocking stitch cuff-down in self patterning yarn. A Christmas present for my Mum. Nothing difficult, just a nice easy sock for knitting on the train. Or so I thought...

- Start sock 1. Get to heel. Heel flap. Don't like it. Frog it. Redo it. Finish sock 1. Still not entirely happy with heel.

- Start sock 2. Get to heel. Heel flap. Make a mess. Frog it. Attempt short row heel. It miraculously works. Finish sock.

- Return to sock 1. Frog it. Restart using short row heel.

- And we won't discuss the kitchener issues.

... and that's where I am at the moment. And I'm sure when I finish the heel, I'll decide that, now that I have practice, the heel on sock 2 looks better than the heel on sock 1 so I'll have to go back and re-do sock 1 again.


And I thought I'd get these finished quickly so that I could start on knitting something for my Dad.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Belgium bound...

We're moving to Brussels.

It's a terrifying thought, but also very exciting. I move in December (and then, all going to plan, promptly come home for Christmas) and the rest of the clan will come out in January.

It's a great job, and a lovely new city.

Only two things remain to be done (well, not really, but you get the idea...)

- Convince my parents that they will get to see plenty of their granddaughter (I'm not sure they're hugely bothered about me going, it's Little Whirlwind they're worried about)
- Find out where to buy yarn in Brussels...

and apparently reduce my excesive use of brackets...