Monday, 4 August 2014

Road Trip knitting

I've a big road trip coming up at the end of the month. I'm beyond excited because I'm going to Knit August Nights. Himself bought me the registration and the classes as a birthday present, so we're all heading down to Napier for a few days. He'll wrangle the two little whirlwinds for the day while I go to classes and buy yarn.

But. There's a lot of driving time. It's about 6 hours each way. I've been working on ways to keep The Whirlwinds busy in the car (more about that later - Pinterest has a lot to answer for!), but now I've realised I need to keep myself occupied too - I'm firmly in passenger mode for road trips, so need to keep my hands busy.

All of which means.... Road Trip Knitting!!

I've always been really bad at planning travel knitting. I either bring something too complicated, or nearly finished, or bring the wrong needles or forget the second colour of yarn. Not this time. I have 3 weeks to plan this.

Any ideas would be gratefully received, but I'm thinking that these are the requirements:

- relatively easy to put down in the middle of the row to deal with The Whirlwinds, look at scenery, navigate
- uses some of my stash
- complicated enough to keep me interested - there's only so many acres of stocking stitch one person can do
- doesn't need lots of notions or different sized needles etc.

I suspect there may need to be a few different projects packed in case I get bored of one.

Off I go to Ravelry to begin my search....

Monday, 28 July 2014

If the hat doesn't fit....

I've been feeling the need to get back blogging again. Possibly due to getting marginally more sleep, and having more free brain power.

But this blog doesn't fit any more. We are pretty much nappy free, and I don't write much any more. But I bake. A lot. And exclusively without dairy or eggs because of Miss C's allergies.

So I think a name change is needed. But inspiration is severely lacking (which doesn't bode well for blog topics, does it?)

I'll do a revamp when inspiration strikes, but in the meantime if anyone feels like throwing a few suggestions my way....