Monday, 4 August 2014

Road Trip knitting

I've a big road trip coming up at the end of the month. I'm beyond excited because I'm going to Knit August Nights. Himself bought me the registration and the classes as a birthday present, so we're all heading down to Napier for a few days. He'll wrangle the two little whirlwinds for the day while I go to classes and buy yarn.

But. There's a lot of driving time. It's about 6 hours each way. I've been working on ways to keep The Whirlwinds busy in the car (more about that later - Pinterest has a lot to answer for!), but now I've realised I need to keep myself occupied too - I'm firmly in passenger mode for road trips, so need to keep my hands busy.

All of which means.... Road Trip Knitting!!

I've always been really bad at planning travel knitting. I either bring something too complicated, or nearly finished, or bring the wrong needles or forget the second colour of yarn. Not this time. I have 3 weeks to plan this.

Any ideas would be gratefully received, but I'm thinking that these are the requirements:

- relatively easy to put down in the middle of the row to deal with The Whirlwinds, look at scenery, navigate
- uses some of my stash
- complicated enough to keep me interested - there's only so many acres of stocking stitch one person can do
- doesn't need lots of notions or different sized needles etc.

I suspect there may need to be a few different projects packed in case I get bored of one.

Off I go to Ravelry to begin my search....

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