Sunday, 10 October 2010

Outgrowing a name

When I started this blog, the title was apt - I was trying to get back into writing, I was knitting regularly, and I was wrestling with the joys of having a new baby.

Now, the only part of nibs, needles and nappies that features regularly in my life are the knitting needles. Little Whirlwind has been out of nappies for months, and I've nearly given up on finding my writing groove again (it seems that, when I'm happy, the need for writing fades. I suppose not writing is a good sign in some ways...).

So, even though I'd love to get back writing again, and (all going to plan) there may be nappies in my future again at some stage... the blog name just feels wrong.

I wonder, do I change, or wait until it hopefully reflects my life again...