Monday, 28 March 2011

A belated Valentine's present

Around Valentine's Day I was lusting over something on ebay that looked like it was going to go well over the budget I'd set myself. So I resigned myself to letting it pass by. Until I got an email to say I had bought it - my lovely DH had bid on it, 'adding' his Valentine's budget to what I had intended to spend.

And then I had to wait. It was big and heavy and in the UK. So I had to wait until I was in the UK before I could get it. And that happened this weekend. I finally got to open it this evening.

First there was the package:

Which I opened to reveal this:

I'm told it's Shetland top (plus some lovely mohair boucle and bluefaced Leicester DK). But, believe it or not, that's just the padding. What sort of lovely package gets the honour of such lovely padding? And does all this lovely fibre mean I have to learn to spin now?

Under all the lovely padding lay this:

A wonderfully beautiful antique Cymbal sock knitter.

I was truly spoilt.

However, I now need to learn how to use it!