Sunday, 8 April 2012

FO: "You're the Best" Cardigan

Pattern: Summer Days Cardigan (Rav link)
Yarn: Fyberspates Sterling Silver Sparkle Sock

This yarn was bought because of my inability to resist anything that sparkles. It called out to me from the stand at Knit Nation in 2010... and then stayed, unknit in my stash. I couldn't bring myself to knit socks from such a fabulously sparkly yarn, and nothing else suggested itself. So, there it sat in my stash until my Little Whirlwind, who has a similar inability to resist sparkles, spotted it.
"Can you make me something from that, Mummy?".
How could I resist?

But it still remained unknit. I couldn't find the right pattern, or the patterns I did find required more yarn than I had available. Until I found the Summer Days pattern.

I think it was a good match, don't you?

The pattern was tricky to follow in spots, quite a bit of "repeat rows 4, 5 and 3 six times". Easy enough in reality, but when combined with sleep deprivation, I had to resort to a pen and paper every now and then. But it was worth it. It's the perfect cardigan for our weather here at the moment, chilly in the morning and warming up later on.

And the name of my project? Well, when Little Whirlwind saw me knitting with the yarn, she asked if it was for her. When I said yes, her response was: "You're the best, Mum!". Talk about seriously knitworthy...

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